Winter by the River

directed by Shuyao Chen

China | 2021 | 14 mins


A young boy’s fantasy about love towards an older woman is disenchanted when he is faced with the reality of intimacy.


Director: Shuyao Chen
Writer: Shuyao Chen
Producers: Yuanxing Hu, Jianhao An
Cast: Jinqi Huang, Lin He, Junfeng Xu, Wanlushan Zhao

Screening schedule

27 June > 3 July
Online screening
(Germany only)


Chinese with English subtitles



About the Director

Shuyao Chen was born and raised in Wenzhou, a coastal city in southeast China. She moved to New York in 2018 to pursue a MFA degree at NYU graduate film after she completed her study in photojournalism at Penn State University. With prior experience in journalism and documentary filmmaking, she has good instincts about nuanced emotions in human behaviors which often times serve as the inspiration for her narrative work.