The Delta of Bucharest

directed by Eva Pervolovici

German Premiere
France, Romania | 2020 | 92 mins


The history of a place, of the energy it gives off.

In turn, monastery, prison, camp, natural park: the Delta of Bucharest becomes a « film space » where all the parallel lives materialize…

1984. Ceauşescu ordered the demolition of an architectural monument of the 18th century, the imposing Văcăreşti monastery in Bucharest, transformed into a political prison in 1846. He wanted to build an artificial lake in its place. After having built five kilometers of walls, he did not have time to see the completion of his project. History caught up with him as he was executed in 1989. The abandoned land of what had been Văcăreşti has slowly transformed into the world’s biggest urban Delta… Here is the story of this extraordinary place.


Director: Eva Pervolovici
Writer: Eva Pervolovici
Cast: Sandrine Bonnaire, Ada Condeescu
Original Music: Benoît Maerens
Camera: Dominique Colin
Sound: Benoît Maerens
Editor: Véronique Lagoarde-Ségot


Screening schedule

This film is available to watch online on yuzzi from 21 until 27 June, limited to 200 viewers only (in Germany).


Romanian, French with English subtitles




TIFF Transylvania Film Festival 2020
Toronto International Women Film Festival 2021
Montreal Independent Film Festival 2021

About the Director

Eva Pervolovici is a Romanian director who has already on her record an impressive list of short films, video art, photographs and other participations in collective writing novels or art magazine.

Multiple by its forms and styles of expression, the heteroclite work of Eva carries always the same intention: to make visible the subjectivity by leaving surrealism arise in everyday situations. Presented and awarded in many festivals (Berlinale, Rotterdam, Cannes…) for her shorts, she also got an MFA Film Advance Practice.

MARUSSIA, her first feature film was shot in Paris in winter 2012/12 and selected at Berlin International Film Festival 2013 -Generation. The documentary THE DELTA OF BUCAREST is her second feature.