Covid Love

directed by Rene Nuijens

Netherlands | 2021 | 6 mins


Covid Love is a short comedy by Dutch director René Nuijens. The film takes us to an intimate moment of Dick and Mary who meet each other for the first time during the Covid pandemic. An empty restaurant, a somewhat odd waiter and his strict measures make it a tough evening. Or will love prevail?


Director: Rene Nuijens
Writer: Niek Eijsbouts
Produced by:
Robbert Becker, Rick Stoorvogel
Cast: Chris Poldervaart, Shangee Moon, Harry Piekema
Production Design: Rick Stoorvogel
Editor: Will Judge
Director of Photography: Rutger Storm

Screening schedule

Wednesday 29 June 2022
20:30 at fsk – Kino am Oranienplatz





Director’s Bio

Autodidactic director Rene Nuijens loves to uncover the absurdity of situations who are recognizable for everybody.

Rene finished the Amsterdam Graphic School, studied photography at the Royal Art Academy in the Hague, worked in steel Factory ‘de Hoogovens’ and had a working period in New York. Straight after finished the academy Rene started to work as a pop-photographer for magazines and started making alternative music videos.

Now he works as a director and photographer on national and international commercial assignments and on personal projects like publishing art books, making short films on Yuri Gagarin and runs the Bad Food Gone Worse instagram page. Rene Nuijens is based in the old centre of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.