Be Named

directed by Simon Klinkertz

Germany | 2022 | 8 mins
Drama, Experimental


Jaro and Alham are a socially weak couple who are in a crisis. They always come into conflict together when it comes to realizing their own desires and living in harmony. An odyssey begins for Jaro to enable Alham’s wishes through deals. But Alham also feels that under these circumstances it is simply not possible to be real if you just want to be there for the other – is that love or a problem?


Director: Simon Klinkertz
Screenplay: Simon Klinkertz
Produced by:
Sophie Hermann, Thomas Otto, Sandra Benz, Simon Klinkertz
Cast: Daniel Hernandez, Funny Mulay Winter
Camera: Matthias Pöttker, Svea Ena Rose, Jan Kohlrusch
Sound: Philip Zimmermann, Lucca Auer, Markus Sasse
Styling: Isabelle Thiede
Hair & Make up: Fabienne Hoppe
Edit: Simon Klinkertz
Colorist: Andrea Gomez
Set Design: Susan Peter, Lilly Welke

Screening schedule

Tuesday 28 June 2022
20:00 at Cinema Paris
before COMA




Drama, Experimental

About the Director

Simon Klinkertz is a Berlin-based editor and director who comes from the world of skateboarding as a filmmaker. He is as energetic as his films, but has an exceptional eye for human storytelling and the transport of moods.

He is an experienced concept developer and filmmaker and has an exceptional level of creativity and a real DIY attitude.

Thanks to his special talent for connecting with everyone everywhere, he succeeds in capturing extreme environments and situations – always with a sensitive and curious touch.