As the Crow Flies

directed by Michael Søndergaard

World Premiere
Denmark | 2021 | 17 mins
Drama, Romance


The closeted small-town delinquent Mathias is shaken by the arrival of a charismatic Swedish ornithologist who is passing through to study the local birdlife. When Mathias’ friends catch the two young men in an intimate moment, it leads to a violent confrontation.


Director: Michael Søndergaard
Writer: Michael Søndergaard
Produced by: Naja Falhof Aastrup
Cast: Lasse Steen Jensen, Viktor Flarkell, Andreas Broman Hansen, Joshua Kenndal

Screening schedule

This film is available to watch online on yuzzi from 21 until 27 June, limited to 200 viewers only (in Germany).


Danish, Swedish with English subtitles


Drama, Romance

Festivals and Awards

Berlin Film Week – World Premiere

About the Director

Michael Søndergaard is a promising young Danish artist, photographer and filmmaker whose award-nominated debut short film “Hotel Boy” (2018) revealed his talent for telling gripping, complex stories about the LGBTQ+ experience.

Søndergaard uses film and photography to explore gender, beauty and masculinity, and his subjects include Sir Ian McKellen and rising Danish star Lasse Steen Jensen, who also leads the cast of Søndergaard’s second short film “As the Crow Flies.”

Søndergaard’s passion for art and beauty extends beyond the visual to the tangible, hands-on creative experience: in 2020, Søndergaard co-founded the creative startup Slow Studio in Copenhagen with his husband, Henrik Rosenkjær.