Shorts Program

Berlin Film Week proudly presents a
shorts program featuring 7 of the best of contemporary cinema.

Saturday 06 July 19:00
Sputnik Kino
Hasenheide 54/5th, 10967 Berlin

Human Not Human (documentary)

by Natan Castay (Belgium, 39 min)

Otto spends night and day blurring faces on Google Streetview for a cent each. Alongside his turker friends, Otto sinks into a robotic world that raise the question of humanity.

Dance Interrupted

by Pedros Temizian (Egypt, 9 min)

Dance, Interrupted is a poignant Arabic short film that explores the life of a woman who celebrates her abusive husband’s death. This gripping short film challenges matrimonial taboos culminating in the most unpredictable ending.


by Klara Schmickler (Germany, 14 min)

When the adventurous Alma persuades her girlfriend Elin to stay illegally into the night at the outdoor pool after her swimming training, they get caught and Elin injures herself on the escape. This not only results in the destruction of her dream of a sports career, but also of their relationship.

To the Body

by Carla Massolini (Germany, 4 min)

To the Body is an ode to resilience, it’is a raw and poetic manifesto of how anxiety and depression is lived in the flesh.

High Tide

by Noha Choukrallah (Belgium, 18 min)

Hannah, an English immigrant, is separating from Jean, the father of her daughter Thea. On the surface, the divorce is going well. On the surface only… Hannah is struggling with a high tide of (re)feelings.

Bitter Fruits

by Paula Buchta (Germany, 3 min)

Follow a young Turkish girl as she grapples with her identity and societal expectations. In a world devoid of promised rewards, she finds solace in the sanctuary of her body amidst the turmoil.

Alfred (documentary)

by Nikolas Meyberg (Germany, 6 min)

Discover Seglvik, a quiet Arctic place where Alfred Larsen, a master chef rooted in Sami culture, seeks refuge. Despite government attempts to eradicate the Sami language, Alfred is very attached to it. Life here is difficult, with limited phone reception, irregular ferries and freezing temperatures.

Screening schedule

Saturday 6 July 19:00
Sputnik Kino
Hasenheide 54/5th, 10967 Berlin