Shorts Program

Berlin Film Week proudly presents a
shorts program featuring the best of contemporary cinema.


by Julia Hubernagel (Germany, 17 min)
A group of young writers seeks orientation wavering between harsh criticism of the system and rapprochement towards the literary establishment. Reminiscent of the literary scene in East Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district, the achievements of the group around poet Sascha in the fight for a new concept of art are threatened by internal squabbles. Nobody yet suspects that Sascha is fighting on a different front altogether.

The One-Way Ticket

by Melika Rezapour (Germany, 10 min)
A German-Iranian coproduction. The story is being narrated from Taha’s POV, a six-year old boy, who has been raised by a misogynist father and lives in a society where women have no freedom of choice. He finds out that his sister wants to escape with her lover. Now the decision is his whether to reveal the secret to his father or not

Foreign People

by Michelle Simona Roginsky (United States, 13 min)

As war breaks out in Ukraine, a Ukrainian/Russian couple (Dasha and Oleg) drive towards Tijuana hoping to cross the border into the United States. Their relationship unravels as politics become increasingly personal.

A break up road trip film set against the broader context of the complex relational and identity crisis that many Ukrainians and Russians face today.


by Janne Hansberg (Germany,11 min)

Alva is a young woman living in the big city. In the close-meshed demands of her environment, she does not succeed in feeling herself. While she always has an open ear for those around her, she finds it difficult to listen to her inner self. Alva conforms to the externally determined rhythm of her life. Only in rare moments she escapes and acts for herself.

Norwegian Offspring

by Marlene Emilie Lyngstad (Denmark, 44 min)
1st Prize Cinefondation Cannes 2023

A mother passes away, and her estranged son – obsessed with theories about the repression of male sexuality in modern society – starts longing for offspring of his own.

Screening schedule

Sunday 02 July 17:00
Sputnik Kino
Hasenheide 54/5th, 10967 Berlin

Screening schedule

Sunday 02 July 17:00
Sputnik Kino
Hasenheide 54/5th, 10967 Berlin